Administration of Health Services



Health Administration Degree The MBA Health Services offers four options. These options are the management of health services (with internship and seminar integration) including an additional qualification in management of the health system, the option quality management (with internship and directed study) option analysis and evaluation of the health system (with memory) and use the search option (EXTRA). Firmware and administration of health services are also offered.


Department Forces


The originality of the department is that its educational content is continuously fed by a flurry of research activities carried out by its teacher (s) and researcher (s). Place of creativity, research-oriented innovative solutions, it stands by adopting a resolutely interdisciplinary, involving the humanities, social sciences and management.


Employment Opportunities


Employment opportunities in health administration are numerous. Most students who have obtained a Master have positions of middle management or higher in establishments producing care and services in the health system. Other positions within the regional health and social services, professional corporations, the Association of health facilities and social services, departments of social affairs at various levels of government, public health departments at provincial, federal and international levels.


Identify your research director


It is best to identify a research director with whom you want to work. To do this, check the list of faculty in the department including specializations.


Research expertise


Research themes

– Policy analysis and health systems

– Evaluation of health interventions

– Management