Care Assistants and Community Health

Healthcare Option Care assistant and community health accompany and care for people of all ages on a daily basis or during a period of illness. They ensure their physical well-being, social and psychological, organize daily activities by being attentive to their needs and habits. Under the responsibility of nurses, they apply certain treatments and perform medico-technical.


Medico-technical actions


– Measuring blood pressure, pulse;

– Draw blood, collect urine samples labeled and send to laboratory analysis;

– Prepare drugs; administer them according to the instructions of nurses;

– Renew some infusion bottles or artificial feeding, adjust the flow rate;

– Practice of subcutaneous or intramuscular;

– Changing dressings, treating wounds;

– Follow the rules of hygiene and remove the equipment in accordance with established guidelines;

– Clean and disinfect instruments, control stock sterile items;

– Participate in projects of prevention (vaccination, the fight against infections, etc…).


Administration and Logistics


– Prepare documents for admission, transfer or release of a person being cared for in institutions;

– Welcome, present premises; explain the course of a day;

– Make external appointments (physiotherapist, dentist) and accompany the traveler;

– Perform administrative tasks using computer;

– Manage supplies equipment and office care, medicines and food;

– Collaborate with members of the multidisciplinary team and participate in meetings and reports service.


Work environment


Care assistant and community health are part of a multidisciplinary team and work constantly with other health professionals (care aides and support, nurses, dieticians, doctors, etc…). They carry specific working clothes provided by their employer. In the hospital, the hours are irregular (nights, weekends and holidays). In a home care service, they do travel to get in people treated.