Health Administration Careers

Health Services Manager


Health Services Manager Health managers provide services (non-clinical) essential to the team of health care services. They have a responsibility to put in place a range of health services to see the implementation of programs and their evaluation.


Managers of health services plan, organize, direct and coordinate the activities of finance and development. They are responsible for finances, management of health services, the implementation of procedures and the financial system of a health facility. Them or they prepare or coordinate financial statements, estimates, summaries and other reports analysis and financial management. Or they are also responsible for the planning and marketing of their health facilities. They hire staff and control its formation.


Roles of manager of health services


In an institution:


– Implement, manage and evaluate health programs;

– Develop strategies for development of the institution;

– Manage a training plan relevant to the preparation and accepted by staff;

– Contribute to greater coherence in the interplay of the personal project, professional project and the proposed establishment;

– Hire staff.


In the public sector, at all levels (municipal, provincial or federal):


– Analyze the health system and its components;

– Develop policies on health care;

– Translate policy into concrete programs;

– Work on the restructuring of health services;

– Make the link between health care organizations and the city.




– Hospital

– Long-term care institutions

– Mental health centers

– Community health centers

– Rehabilitation centers

– Municipal, provincial or federal

– Health association (even internationally)

– Care agencies home health

– Offices of medical practitioners

– Clinics

– Manager profile of health services


The qualifications:


– Leadership;

– Sense of social responsibility and ethics;

– Practical and analytical

– Have capacity for financial accounting, management, economics, and finance;

– Able to work in an environment that is constantly changing;


Employment Opportunities


Employment prospects for this occupation will remain good even if the growth rate is likely to be considerably lower than average. The retirements and promotions managers still create employment opportunities.

The average annual income for a health care manager is 60,000$ or more.




– Have a master’s degree in health services administration or a related field

– MBA in Public Administration or Business Administration. In some cases, the employer may require a bachelor’s degree.

Before enrolling in the MBA program, you must:

– Hold an American baccalaureate or equivalent degree;

– Have an overall average of at least B + (70%);

–  Have a background in linear algebra and differential and integral calculus.