Health Administration Degree Program



Medical Records & StethoscopeGeneral Objectives: The Master’s program in Business Administration aims to raise the level of training of managers to make them more versatile in the exercise of their functions and able to assume greater responsibilities in organizations.

Addressing candidates with management experience, this program and its different pathways aim to develop and deepen the knowledge and skills as well as personal and professional students. These acquire a body of knowledge advanced management sciences; they are led to the practical application in the realization of their professional activities.

Enriched by the analysis and deepening their personal capacities and trained in teamwork with a teaching method based on real case studies, students will better integrate and advance new forms companies where information analysis and interrelationships at all levels play a major role in the production of goods and services for global markets increasingly demanding and competitive.


Specific Objectives: The specific objectives of specialization are: the combination of knowledge to apply multiple skills in the administration of private health services, skill development in business intelligence for an integrated understanding of the key and pragmatic contexts of administration of health services: economic, political and technological mastery of the fundamentals and skills of management and leadership for the administration of health services.


The program allows you to study full-time or part-time. The M.G.S.S. administrative internship requires at least 16 weeks to broaden the experience of students in the field of health care or health policy and to enable them to better understand the applicability of the theory studied in class environments of health services. The student may undertake an internship in any health organization recognized and approved.




The mission of M.G.S.S. program is to train professionals with a high sense of ethics and social responsibility and able to assume positions of management and leadership, both in America and abroad, in a health care system subject to continuous transformations. The program pursues excellence in the management of health services in the areas of vocational education, academic research and community service. The program provides its students with a high quality academic experience and a first-class training and pursuing continuous improvement initiatives of the curriculum at both theoretical and practical, based on the research excellence of its faculty and the ties it has forged with the community.


Goals and Objectives


In the context of its mission statement, the program pursues the following goals:


– Provide a comprehensive education management services and health systems;

– Undertake research in health services management;

– Pursue continuous improvements in responding proactively to market needs;

– Create opportunities for students to contact with leaders of the community to improve their academic learning experience;

– Help students plan their career development;

– Encourage and stimulate the development of strong relationships, continuous, lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the alumni association of the program, the local chapter of the American College of Health Leaders and its members as well as with tutors and agencies offering residencies to our students;

– Provide opportunities for professional learning focused on the needs of patients.