Health Administration Department

Health Administration ServicesThe Department of Health Administration is a component of the School of Public Health at the Universities and Faculties of Medicine in the United States. It trains managers and analysts in the field of health and conducts a wide range of research activities. The department offers programs 2nd and 3rd cycle, unique and beneficial. These programs are distinguished by their interdisciplinary and involve the humanities, social sciences and management.


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– Masters in Quality Management and Risk Management in the Health and Social Services:

It is a second cycle of training that opportunities are provided for the positions of Director, Officer, responsible program manager, consultant or facilitator involved in the promotion of quality, safety and performance in the field of health and social services. This program integrates scientific approaches adapted to include other methods and integrating them into a context of organizational change and systemic. Through innovative teaching methods, the program offers to people in employment to take the training of 18 months at 4 times 10 days.




Employment opportunities in health administration degree are numerous. Most students who have obtained a Master’s degree in the department of health administration positions in middle management or higher in establishments producing care and services in the health system.


Other positions in:


– The regional health agencies and social services

– Professional corporations

– Social affairs departments at various levels of government

– Public health departments, federal and international levels.


Job Alert


The Universities provide students and graduates a job alert.

The middle of the health and social services offers great prospects to meet your aspirations, as well as a full program of benefits, continuing education and the possibility of an interesting career within the different missions of institutions.