Health Administrator Disclaimer Training

health Administrator Guard Legislation and regulations applicable to the health sector are dense and scalable. Health institutions exercising public hospital are required to hold an administrative warning to cope with situations outside of usual hours of administrative services.

The administrator functions are exercised to keep these “call time” by professionals in these institutions with varied profiles.

The multitude of situations they may find themselves facing is important and the more it is rare may embarrass the professional in charge of the custody of direction.

Tools exist to assist in making decisions in these situations. In addition, it is necessary to know its jurisdiction and intervention in order to perform this function in the best spot in controlling the risk of legal decisions and by providing a real support for such teams provide support patients. It is the objective of this training for the administrator disclaimer.


The training program


1 Quality Administrator Warning: may be a director of care?


2 Jurisdiction and powers of the administrator guard

– Scope of the delegation.

– The excess of jurisdiction.

– Coordination with other actors.


3 The role of the administrator Warning: policymaker, adviser…


4 The responsibilities of the administrator guard

– Criminal compensation, discipline.

– Because of personnel, vicarious, things kept organization and operation of services.

– Conditions of responsibility.


5 Tools of Administrator guard


6 Practical situations in custody

– Hospitalization of children or protected adults.

– Psychiatry and hospitalization plan.

– Disappearance or escape of a person hospitalized.

– White background, crises and flood victims.

– Safety.

– Death and transport body.

– Assault staff.

– Fire…