Healthcare Administration Schools


Concentration in management of health services and social services for the control and post-graduate diploma in Public Administration for Managers is available since long years at the healthcare administration school.

 Healthcare Administration Degree

To build the program, the school relies on documents produced by the Ministry of Health and Social Services Agency as well as health and social services that describe skills for managers.


The vast majority of students in these programs are professionals – nurses, social workers and occupational therapists, among others. Often they have no training in management and they are left with coordination tasks or to achieve a management position. These programs allow them to learn concepts and skills in management.


The Master aims to attract people who have experience in the health care system and social services. Master requires more management experience in the network.


These programs also allow students in the health and social services to be in contact with people from other areas of public administration.


There are students who come from local governments and other public service federally. Some courses allow contacts between students from different backgrounds, so it is interesting for them to see what is happening elsewhere. It may also establish collaborations.


The target audience for these programs is employment; so many courses are offered in the evening. There are also other options, such as during a Friday every two weeks.