Hospital Administrative Officer


Initial training for competitions received


Health Administration GraduateTraining of a total duration of 12 months includes theoretical and practical training.

The training course is being assessed by a jury. It is built into teaching for the theoretical part, corresponding to the main areas of activity that future administrative officers have to know. The realization of these sequences is provided for theoretical training.

A professional immersion of a total duration of about four months, including probation completed with a non-administrative hospital manager supplement this training.


Teaching units


– Basic public health

– Health system organization and supported

– Housing status (or internships)


– Finance and Management Control

– Purchasing, logistics and Heritage

– Management in health facilities

– Management in health institutions and decision-position

– Quality management and risk management and performance

– Specializations (Finance, HR, Procurement, management control frameworks administrative division)

+ The memory


Job opportunities


The hospital administrative officer involved, under the authority of the director of the establishment, design, development and implementation of decisions in administrative, financial, economic, health and social.


It can be assigned missions, studies or positions of responsibility in the following areas:


– Admissions and relations with users,

– Management of human resources,

– Management of purchases and procurement,

– Financial management,

– And management control.

– The attached hospital administration may be required to ensure:


– The direction of an office,

– The direction of a service,

– Administrative management of a clinical center, an institution or a Schedule site.