Management of Health Services Degree



Learn management skills of health institutions and social services. Know the major administrative functions as are carried out in the network of health and social services, training in the management of human and financial resources, know the laws that apply to health and social services in the United States and learn about communication and group facilitation organization.


Admission Requirements


Health Administration Degree ApplicantsHolds a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, obtained with a GPA of at least 3.2 out of 4.3, possess relevant professional experience of at least four years and be a manager at the time of exercise filing in the country where the program is offered.


Records of applicants with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, obtained with a GPA less than 3.2 but greater than 2.8 over 4.3, indicating a relevant professional experience of at least five years (GPA between 3.0 and 3.2) or six years (GPA between 2.8 and 3.0) will be considered by the subcommittee admission and program evaluation and may, exceptionally, be a recommendation for admission.


Exceptionally, candidates who do not hold a bachelor’s degree but with appropriate training and relevant professional experience of at least seven years may be admitted into the program if they can demonstrate their ability to follow the Master’s level courses and exercise management responsibilities at the time of filing of the application in the country where the program is offered. Under no circumstances, the number of candidates on this basis may not exceed 15% of the total number of new entrants in the cohort.


The relevant professional experience is gained by exercising positions of responsibility as manager of resources (physical, human and financial), advisor to an organization or as self-employed.


In addition, the candidate must meet the following criteria:


– Have sufficient knowledge of software for word processing, database and spreadsheet and adequate control of languages (oral and written).

– Possess basic knowledge in mathematics, particularly financial, the latter can be assessed by the sub-committee on admission and evaluation.


If the subcommittee intake and assessment deems it necessary, the candidate will be assessed refresher courses.


Admission procedures


Any application, sent to the Registrar, shall include:

– The application form duly filled

– A letter of intent written by the candidate

– Three letters of recommendation or evaluation reports

– The official transcripts of all university studies

– Certificates of relevant jobs, including the title, description and duration of each job

– Curriculum vitae

– A copy of birth certificate

– The payment of admission fees.