Online Health Administration Degree

Online Health administration Degree ProgramIn the health sector, today’s leaders require training in economic, legal, regulatory, administrative, political, historical and social, to advance. Online Health Administration degree program prepares you to become a leader in the health care industry today with a solid foundation in business analysis and making decision and specialization in rigorous health administration.


Study concepts


Leaders of health care require business skills and strong management skills to succeed. Online program offers students a specialization in health care administration as well as a unique integrated approach to advanced business studies. Unlike many traditional MBA programs that view organizations as a collection of marketing, operations and finance silos, the program integrates these functional areas in the same holistic approach taken by the most successful organizations of today.


Develop your management skills


As a student in the online degree program in health care administration, you will:

– Develop business skills for leadership in the health sector.

– Develop a working knowledge of systems and subsystems that comprise the health sector and the impact of economic, legal, regulatory, administrative, political, historical and social organizations on health services.

– Develop a working knowledge of how the forces of public, private and social influence on health policy, shape health system and impact of health care providers.

– Develop managerial skills to work in a team and collaborate in the process of making business decisions.

– Develop the skills to work in cross-functional teams to determine the most effective planning, processes, strategies of production and delivery.


Academic Requirements


Online MBA in Health Administration program is designed for prospective students who have:

– Proof of graduation or GED

– Completed an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 2.7 or higher on a 4.0 scale, OR

– Completed a License with a minimum combined GMAT score in the 50th percentile.




Students must have successfully completed a license from an accredited institution and the following courses must be successfully completed by an accredited institution.


– Basic accounting – 6 semester hours at the degree or equivalent

– Macroeconomics – 3 semester hours or the equivalent at the undergraduate level

– Business Statistics – 3 semester hours or the equivalent at the undergraduate level.